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in situ

To sublimate the textural nature of the material, and reveal its subtleties, innovative processes and supports are used; printing on brushed aluminum or embossed printing.

Brushed aluminum
– Direct UV inks printing on a rigid 3mm brushed aluminum Dibond support, brushed horizontally or vertically
– The metallic shimmering effect of the clear or white areas creates a beautiful shine, and transforms the photos into art pieces
– The aluminum with a metallic sheen creates graphic and original effects by playing with the brushed texture
– To make it even more original, the whites of the image are not printed, thus revealing the texture of the aluminum
– Whether it is in the half-light or in full light, by its vibrant and living effect, the image gives off a different emotion than a paper print
– The frame on the back adds rigidity and, as it is recessed by 5 cm, gives an even more sophisticated floating appearance
– The print can have the desired custom size

– Printing UV inks on a rigid 2 or 3 mm Dibond support
– Particularly suitable for images of subjects whose illustration is itself in relief. Reinforces the existing texture of the photo
– Gives a nice presence to the photos and amplifies the realism
– Causes a matt surface appearance and surface effects through which the work expresses different facets of its personality

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