Several works will be exhibited at the PAD Paris
from 5th to 10th April 2022

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The strengh of fragility

The smile of a child, the blue of the Mediterranean
The rainbow of petals
The thread of existence and the passing of time…

Observing the world and its frenetic evolution towards excess, I have chosen to devote my photographic eye to revealing its fragilities.

Those of Man and Nature, plural and universal. Those that touch, make you smile, evoke softness and beauty. The ones that also question.

Whether they are blatant, subtle, ephemeral, or definitive, they challenge us on our essential values, on our behaviours, or they escape us until the consequences become critical.

Dialoguing between light and shadow, my eyes seize these fragilities which carry strength and inspiration, arousing in us a positive emotion, a sense of wonder for the precious good that it is up to us all to preserve; the beauty and flaws of life.

Listen to the fragilities of the world with my eyes, interpret them with the heart

All the photos of the site are numbered, in limited series and signed.

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Venice in its undulating mirror between past and present, sky and sea entwined.


A collection of photos that stealthily recount snapshots of life, the time of a break or the whirlwind of daily life.

Mise en Seine

This collection shows the Seine in all its states. Decorated with its finery, offering serenity and letting go, inviting joyful hearts to admire its banks or share the flow of its anger.

In the Open air

Pictures of eloquent gestures, silent expressions. Works from the past and present, that the eyes discover and reveal.

Street life

The world at a glance at what our hectic streets offer us every day.


Like a cabinet of curiosities, with the same pleasure of the various discoveries to be made.


A walk through summer, its pleasures and surprises, its beautiful fragilities.